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September 20, 2007

Illuminating the Word

St_john_bible If you get a chance to see the St. John's Bible -- which is "made with medieval techniques, but uses the NRSV translation (including the Apocrypha) and incorporates contemporary allusions in the art and modern technology in the planning" -- up close, you should. I saw some reproductions at the bookstore at McLean Bible Church and they were breathtaking. You can view more of the images at the project's official website.

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Do you go to McLean Bible Church? I used to go there every now and then and occasionally still visit when I'm home.

Gina Dalfonzo

Not regularly, no. My family does, and once in a while I go with them.

Steve (SBK)

I just read about this yesterday too. And I hope to see it. Some good comments on the benefits of Calligraphy.

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