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September 21, 2007

’God’ responds to lawsuit

As you'd expect, the response to Sen. Chambers's lawsuit "miraculously appeared."

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Sy Hoekstra

I'd say that the point about God being outside the Jurisdiction of the American court system is valid.


I had to laugh...twice. Check out the picture - looks like he has a halo!

Gina Dalfonzo

You noticed that too, huh, Beth? At first glance I thought the picture was supposed to be an artist's rendering of God! :-)


I thought it was Morgan Freeman just glancing at it...

Great comeback!


I wonder if Senator Chambers has himself authored any legislation, and how he would feel about someone claiming "Senator, your legislation doesn't mean what you think."

I'll bet he'd be highly offended.

But I'll also bet he wouldn't see the inconsistency/hypocrisy.

Interestingly, how can an agnostic sue a plaintiff that he's not certain exists? Has Senator Chambers unwittingly established the legal existence of the Almighty? If so, someone should notify Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens ( http://www.breakpoint.org/listingarticle.asp?ID=6841 ). And the Senator himself, of course.

Meanwhile, we can pray that the Great Lawgiver and Judge of the World would become an activist and take up this issue - in Chambers. ;-)

Sy Hoekstra

Lee brings up an interesting point. Does a defendant in a trial necessarily need to exist. It would seem that Sen. Chambers doesn't think so. More importantly now, could one extract oneself from any dificult legal situation by claiming the non-existence of one's prosicuters? If so, then the epistemological problem of whether or not we can actually know that others exist must be solved before the legal system can continue acting in its current forrm . If it is determined that one cannot truely know that others exist, then, by virtue of our intellectual consistancy, we must descend immediately into anarchy.

herman greenstein

I just came on this without reading much of it. But, if God is being sued (ouch!) shouldn't the phrase over the judge's bench be "Tin God, We Rust"?


God in the Dock. :)


I'm sure Sen. Chambers just considers it a cute publicity stunt. Doesn't amount to a hill of beans.


Moses petitioned God for the people of Israel and God spared them. Is Chambers seeking a cease and desist order or punitive damages. God will defeat him because is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Give it up Chambers he may not have mercy on us. His punitive damages could be even worse.

Dan Rowlison

As a Nebraskan, let me just say, face in my hands, "How embarassing!"

Dan Rowlison

Nice picture though, kind of reminds you of Charlton Heston, doesn't it?

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