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September 25, 2007

Contest Fulfillment: Not So Laughtastic

Our sincere apologies to participants in July's "Laughtastic Tune" contest. Thanks to a couple of you who emailed last week to say "Hey, where's my BreakPoint mp3 player you jerks??!!" (just kidding -- you were both wonderfully polite), we found out that a kink in the system prevented them from being sent out to you. Like many "kinks," the culprit was a "process safeguard" run amok.

Indeed, it's a little known fact that The Kinks had originally named themselves The Process Safeguards Run Amok. It's true!

Anyway, Inventory assures us that -- this time, for real, with feeling baby -- the mp3 players are en route to our wonderful contest participants. Again, our sincere and embarrassed apologies for the long delay.

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Just got mine yesterday. Thanks! Way cool!

Robert Birkes

Got mine last week! Thanks!

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