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September 18, 2007

Confessions of a Musical Schizophrenic

Okay, I have a confession--I have musical multiple personality disorder. Some days I indulge in those ever-nostalgic Bon Jovi hits. Other days, I fill my ride to work with the soft, yet often bland, tunes of whatever has popped up on the Christian contemporary charts. The next day, I repent, and try to elevate my listening habits to Chopin. Whatever my fancy of the day, I'm a shameless addict.

Here's what I'm discovering--it's all right. Whether it's The Fray, a Broadway show tune, or Dvorak's New World Symphony, my endless hunger for my headphones reflects, perhaps more perfectly than many recreational outlets, that music is a God thing--a divine creational signature that reminds us that C.S. Lewis was on to something when Aslan sang Narnia into being.

Something that should throw us to our knees in thankfulness to the Eternal Concertmaster, as Jeremy Begbie urges here:

The most basic response of the Christian toward music will be gratitude. This does not mean giving unqualified thanks for every bit of music we hear, but it will mean being thankful for the very possibility of music. It will mean regularly allowing a piece of music to stop us in our tracks and make us grateful that there is a world where music can occur, that there is a reality we call "matter" that oscillates and resonates, that there is sound, that there is rhythm built into the fabric of reality, that there is the miracle of the human body, which can receive and process sequences of tones. For from all this and through all this, the marvel of music is born. None of it had to come into being. But it has, for the glory of God and for our flourishing. Gaining a Christian mind on music means learning the glad habit of thanksgiving.

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Gina Dalfonzo

Tell me about it -- I once shocked Allen by confessing my love for CMT (Country Music Television for the uninitiated) not long after recommending Beethoven's Seventh Symphony to him. Or maybe it was in the reverse order. Anyway, he was shocked. :-)

Allen Clark

It's nice to hear about another (especially another Christian) that has Musical Schizophrenia!
I often joke with my friends that I could never have my own radio station. They could hear anything from Beethoven to Easy Listening to Bluegrass to 80's pop (and everything in between!)

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