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September 26, 2007

Tyrants versus Liberators

President Bush gave a great speech to the United General Assembly yesterday, reminding us--and some Americans needed reminding--of the true problems in the world: tyranny, hunger, disease, illiteracy, and poverty. Worst of all are the terrorists and extremists who kill the innocent and whose dark ideologies are a threat to civilized people everywhere.

Great message. I just hope the UN thoroughly sprayed the podium with RAID before "W" stepped up to it....

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Extremism again. What is the ideology of extrem*ism*?

Or is it just that anyone outside of the mainstream, like say, Prison Fellowship, is the enemy?

I suspect that it is the latter that the MSM and blue county folks mean when they use the term.

Is that what you mean when you approve of "extremism" being identified as the enemy?

anne morse

I was quoting from President Bush's speech. I think we can all agree that people who mass murder innocents for political gain are "terrorists and extremists," can't we?


I agree wholeheartedly with George W., Raid or not.


Funny. I recall that Rumsfeld and Cheney found the Iraqi tyrant pretty useful back during the Iran-Iraq war. This Tyrant v. Liberator thing is proving to be utterly simplistic and wrong-headed, as well as militarily and fiscally ruinous.

And Anne, there is not much that George Bush can remind me of, except that he is too often an international liability and embarrassment.


Labrialumn, the popular characterization that I find even less helpful than "extremist" is "ideologue". To be characterized as either, of course, is to be damned as "lunatic-fringe" but - if we were using the words literally - we'd probably be wishing for more ideologues and extremists (especially those on "our sides" of matters).

That said, as far as Anne's common usage of the term, I think we all know what she means.


labrialumn, I don't quite see how your comment relates. Please expound.


Of course. I'm saying that I am disturbed by the use of the term "extremism" as being the name and definition of the enemy in the undeclared war on method.

That term is widely used to label Christians, and observant Jews. It would only take the change of an administration for the laws passed against "extremists" to be used against us.

Perhaps this is a tangent. You might be right on that, Anne.

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