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September 06, 2007

Blog-a-Book: More ideas on creative grace

Prayinghands My previous blog-a-book post dealt with a rather unusual kind of grace. But Charles Lamb has Robert Herrick beat in that department. I love this idea:

I own that I am disposed to say grace upon twenty other occasions in the course of the day besides my dinner. I want a form for setting out upon a pleasant walk, for a moonlight ramble, for a friendly meeting, or a solved problem. Why have we none for books, those spiritual repasts -- a grace before Milton -- a grace before Shakespeare -- a devotional exercise proper to be said before reading The Faerie Queene?

Charles Lamb

What are some occasions that you think would be appropriate for saying grace?

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Inhaling, and exhaling.


As you watch the sun bend over the horizon...

Steve (SBK)

Watching my son laugh.


I want a grace to say for waking up in the morning and seeing the face of your beloved, or the sudden wonderful rush you get when you realize you are about to write a poem.

Aubri Dennison

Grace before going on a trip, no matter how far, and grace after arriving home safely.

Rachel Coleman

My pastor has taken to saying grace in thanks for the water whenever our church fellowships. So many people in the world long for fresh, clean water, and we Americans have it in abundance.

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