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August 29, 2007

RE: ’The rest is just conversation’


That's Stuttaford for you. Some of his opinions make tons of sense. Others make you scratch your head. As always, it comes down to worldview, and he's made it clear in numerous places that his is an agnostic, utilitarian one.

As you say, Steyn nails it, summarizing nicely:

Only one hundred people out of 300 million get to be U.S. senators. Granted a wide public tolerance for creeps and weirdoes, an understanding that one will not solicit sex in airport men's rooms is about the minimum entry qualification.

The fact that there are a surprising number of what Steyn calls "creeps and weirdoes" among the (supposed) elite who represent us on Capitol Hill is a reminder that the sin nature -- which Stuttaford cannot acknowledge -- is not a respecter of status.

In fact, status is one of its most effective pressure points.

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Grizzly Mom

I understand the Senator plead guilty to gazing into a stall, tapping his foot and passing his hander under the divider. The undercover police officer occupying the stall said this was a recognized signal to solicit sex. While having public sex would be lewd, why is soliciting for it illegal? Don’t Minneapolis police have more important matters to address such as murders, rapes and violent crimes? Yes it sounds like an attempt at adultery which is a sin, but is it a crime when a man at the department store mall, work or that church elder looked at me “like that?” Because most people don’t have gaydar (or straightdar), they solicit those they to whom they are attracted. Gay men are attracted to hunky guys like Rock Hudson (and all other kinds of men) just like women would be. Men need to learn to take it as a compliment and just say no. Women have been doing that for all time.


The real issue here seems to be that of what constitutes a crime, albeit any two people having sex in a public place is or should be grounds for arrest, I don't see how making a paticular motion or signal is really grounds. If that be the case, then gangs wouldn't be a problem, if the person is wearing a gang color, jacket etc. Then just arrest them. We're rapidly sliding down the proverbial slippery slope.


I suppose I am really confused. A local state legislator was arrested at a park, known as a cruising place, for the same thing. It is a big deal on the media. Apparantly the restroom in Minneapolis is a known cruising place, at least to those who cruise.

On the other hand, this is the confusing part, the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale is under a vicious barrage by the activists and the papers for enforcing the laws in place and arresting those who are engaging in the illegal behaviors at a known cruising place.

This doesn't add up. Either the behavior are acceptable as the Mayors opponents would posit, or they are unacceptable and as it seems to be for Messrs Allen and Craig would subject them to the hightest scrutiny and ridicule.

We have unhinged our culture from truth and now we have no benchmark to judge.

It would appear from that which is coming out that certain gentlemen have voilated the important principle of being where kings ought to be in the springtime, out to war.

I would also hazard that neither one of these men woke up one morning and decided to live this way, no matter how long ago it started. It was a long series of exposures to that which the culture considers innocuous, victimless and protected by the First Amendment.

Stephen Skeete

I have read in the news about the Senator who was arrested for soliciting sex.

I have also read the views of many who believe that what the senator was doing was his business, and others who say soliciting sex from a male in a public restroom is not a crime, but having sex in a public wash room with another male is.

My question is, is soliciting sex with another males against the law in the State in which it occurred? Do not Senators help to pass laws and enact legislation? Should Senators break the very laws they are responsible for helping to enact?

Does not inability to uphold the laws of the country or state disqualify an individual from the Senate? Would any voter vote for someone whom they know is a habitual law breaker?

Having asked those questions though I must say I feel very sorry for the senator.

Imagine how difficult it must be for someone in his position, married, with children, living this kind of lifestyle, dodging and peeping and hiding, and hoping not to get caught.
What a relief it must have been for him to have been caught! Now he can either get some "help", or honestly be what he believes he is.

Is he fit to be a Senator? If by a Senator one imagines an honest, decent, law-abiding, faithful person of integrity, the answer is obvious.

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