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August 24, 2007

Re: Rout, Rout, Rout for the Home Team

Travis: I couldn't disagree with you more.

One, it wasn't sad. It was glorious! I can't get enough of the coverage of the game. Any indignity inflicted on "Havana Pete" Angelos, who tried to keep baseball out of Washington all those years is, by any reasonable measure, a triumph for truth, goodness and light. I have nothing against Orioles fans, at least the ones who know that Washington and Baltimore are two separate cities, but their owner is another matter.

Two, you and I live in Washington, not Baltimore. The home team's name is spelled N-a-t-i-o-n-a-l-s or "Nats" for short, who, by the way, took three of four in Houston.

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Travis McSherley

For the record, I am quite solid in my "allegiance" to the Nats. But the O's were, in fact, at Camden Yards during their demolishing...which is much of what made it sad. Not I'm-tearing-up sad, but "Who loses a baseball game by 27 runs this side of tee-ball?" sad. The former was watching the Nats give up a certain home run a couple weeks ago...


Okay. Glad to find another "pledger." It was amazing: I was watching the score rise like a pinball machine's and yelling the update to a certain "Dave the Swede's" (not his real name) wife who passed them on to him.

I read somewhere that Baltimore fans took to cheering for Texas at some point -- I'm guessing the thinking went "I'm here for a beat down, might as well witness history."

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