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August 30, 2007

Quest for heroes

Alyce reviews M. E. Hawke's new book, One Perfect Hero: Jesus and the Five-Dimensional Narrative, on the main BreakPoint site:

The recent surge in popularity of comics-turned-action movies has shown us something. No, it isn’t that we are preoccupied with men in capes and tight shiny suits scaling towering city buildings. Although we are. They have revealed that we are fascinated with and desperate for the concept of a hero.

A further example of this is how, in the wake of any tragedy, people eagerly identify “heroes” in the events, individuals who performed especially brave deeds. Why do we yearn for such figures, even in a modern pessimistic society? Why do we embrace, retell, and cherish their stories?

In her book One Perfect Hero: Jesus and the Five-Dimensional Narrative, M. E. Hawke offers an answer: We long for heroes because we long for God in the person of Jesus Christ. She sets the Godhood of Christ within the context of the Bible as literature: “The Bible showcases the best examples from each category in all of literature because Jesus Christ is the perfect story hero.”

Read more to find out whether or not the book sucessfully follows through on this premise. And here's a bit of good news: Alyce and Jess are both staying on as bloggers although they've succesfully completed their Prison Fellowship internships. A warm welcome to both of them as permanent Pointers!

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