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August 01, 2007

Q&A with Chuck Colson, Part I: The Advantages of Blogs

Chuck_colson I thought our readers might like a chance to hear from Chuck Colson and to know what he's been working on lately. So last Friday, I settled in with recorder in hand and my notebook (just in case the recorder broke!) to ask Chuck a few questions of my own and a few from some of our other contributors. Over the next few days, I'll be sharing that interview with you. And maybe in the future I can ask Chuck a few questions you may have!

Here's just a little bit to start off with:

Catherine: Hi, Chuck, thanks for talking to me today. I have a few questions that I came up with and also asked a few from our contributors. First of all, Gina had asked about your thoughts on blogs. What do you think are the advantages of BreakPoint having a blog?

Chuck: As I understand it, it allows a dialogue to follow up on the topics that we cover on BreakPoint [Radio]. That’s wonderful because we then get a sense of how people are thinking, how they’re reacting. It’s like an instant focus-group. I think it’s really quite a fascinating phenomenon and a wave of the future, because it enables us to conduct a dialogue. And it sharpens us because you know if you make a misstatement or if you do not interpret something correctly, you’re going to get caught on it. I kind of like it; I think it is a democratization of political, social and religious commentary.

Tune in again tomorrow to find out what Chuck's been reading...

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