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August 31, 2007

Playing games with common sense

Remember all those fun summer nights spent playing flashlight tag with the neighborhood kids, or the hours of TV tag and freeze tag and ghost in the graveyard? It appears all the myriad variations of tag may soon be relics of the past.

What I'm really wondering, though, is how someone can chase you against your will. If you don't want to be chased, don't run. Problem solved. It's not much fun to chase someone who is standing still. If the teachers and parents had a little common sense, they would explain this to the kids who are complaining and playground tag would remain a fun recess activity.

Say what you will about tag, and kickball, and other "dangerous" games like Red Rover, but it seems rather coincidental that childhood obesity has become such a big problem at the same time that we're banning these very active playground pursuits.

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Many have commented on how women in charge, especially in charge of children, demand that boys and men behave as if they were girls.

No pointing fingers and saying "pow", no running, no tag. Nothing of the male virtues, those are deemed evil and to be banished.

Perhaps the theory is that if masculinity is banished, and boys learn to act and think and feel like girls, that there will be no more wars.

Shane Vander Hart

It is amazing how I survived the endless games of tag I played as a child. I'm wondering if kids in Colorado Springs chase kids with a baseball bat to get them to run.

It would take a hungry bear for me now, but that would just be ridiculous.


"Many have commented on how women in charge, especially in charge of children, demand that boys and men behave as if they were girls."

Um, yeah ... as written by two women at this blog:
Well, first, the above by Kristine, which doesn't advocate teaching boys to act like girls, quite the opposite. And her past post:

And then:

Grizzly Mom

Occam’s razor: “explanation of any phenomenon should make as few assumptions as possible, eliminating those that make no difference in the observable predictions of the explanatory hypothesis or theory.” Because education is a female dominated institution, perhaps teachers may think stereotypical male behaviors are inappropriate. Do they need training on appropriate boy behaviors? I think so. Geisha Houses, and probably Convents, don’t raise manly men because they are made up of women.

Regardless, children grow up to be what their mentors modeled for them. My brother had four big sisters, a pink bedroom and played dolls with us. Today he is super uncle and an under water rescue diver because of Dad’s mentoring. When I was a girl, I could wrestle myself away from the boys with which I played "tag and tie you to the fence post", and was a rifle and arrow marksman. Today, some friends describe me as a girly girl. I am all of these things because of my mentors.

If we want our children to be great, we need to find and become great mentors for them.

By the way CLH, when will Trevor and Travis be available for dating?

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