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August 30, 2007

Personal Jesus

In her latest Washington Post column, Sally Jenkins has a few words to say about Michael Vick's finding "convenient religion." Actually, the words are those of her father, the great Dan Jenkins:

"I'm so pleased Michael Vick found Jesus. I remember when Bonnie and Clyde found Jesus. It was during those moments when Ranger Captain Frank Hamer was peppering their car with machine-gun bullets. I also remember when John Dillinger found Jesus. It was just after he walked out of the Biograph Theater in Chicago, and federal officer Melvin Purvis said, 'Hold it right there, Johnny.' "

I get his point and I can hardly fault the Jenkins' skepticism, especially when, as Sally Jenkins noted,  "Paris Hilton packed a Bible when she went to prison, too."

But there is one small correction I'd like to offer. Bonnie Parker knew about Jesus long before Frank Hamer and company riddled her and Clyde's car. In one of her poems, entitled "The Trail's End," Parker foresees (not that it was all that difficult) how it would end for her and Barrow:

They don't think they're too smart or desperate,
They know that the law always wins;
They've been shot at before,
But they do not ignore
That death is the wages of sin.

Like a lot of people, believing in sin was easy for Parker -- it was grace and forgiveness that was incredible.

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Penny Triezenberg

I have volunteered at our local count jail for 5 years. I know that jail or prison is sometimes the waking up point for many. It's the "time out" chair. Many knew Jesus long before they enter jail, but it is not until they sink to their lowest point that they take time to know that he is real and cares for them.
It is not for us to judge wether Michael Vick truly found the Lord. But unfortunately for him the rest of the world will be watching very carefully to see if his jail house conversion is real.
Christians should know that each of fails the Lord, we do not live up to how we are supposed to live, but praise God his grace and the blood of Christ covers all my errors.
I pray that Christians everywhere will whole heartedly pray that all those that find Christ in jail will have the strength to stand by their new found convictions

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