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August 22, 2007

How does your garden grow?

Cornfield According to this article in the New York Times, that question is on the minds of more and more religious folk these days. Organic farming methods, humane treatment of animals, and fair wages for workers top the list of concerns.

On organic farming:

“Ten years ago most of my farm visitors were earth muffin tree-hugger nirvana cosmic worshipers,” Mr. Salatin said. “And now 80 percent of them are Christian home schoolers.”

On humane treatment of animals:

...[Myron and Catherine Horst] put their chickens out to pasture during the day, gather the eggs by hand, and move them back to shelters at night. It is far more work then keeping them cooped up or caged, but for the Horsts the Bible’s promise of dominion “over every living thing” entails responsibilities as well as rights.

And on fair wages for workers:

Roy Brubaker, a Mennonite who grows strawberries, blueberries and vegetables on his 20-acre farm near Mifflintown, Pa., said: “My faith tells me that workers should be fairly paid. I have never paid the minimum wage. That is not the biblical standard for a living wage.”

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Children educated at home or in private schools are the cream of the crop. If this works why are the politicians so against it.


Thank you. For too long I allowed the world God created for us to be neglected and the creatures He entrusted to our care to be abused. And perhaps even more egregious, I didn't often speak up when others needs weren't being met so long as mine were.

I am so grateful that the Lord has laid it on my heart to not only talk about these problems but also to take steps in my personal life to address them. And I'm excited to be doing that in the company of so many wonderful believers!

Thanks again Kristine.


Patricia, I don't understand how your comment relates. Please expound.


And now 80 percent of them are Christian home schoolers.”

David Cervera

I've never been comfortable with "Christian = conservative" and "liberal = godless heathen". It's my feeling (and it's nothing more than a feeling) that there are lots of Christian's who are conservative on the abortion issue and therefore vote Republican, but are quite liberal in nearly every other issue - labor, education, environment - not that they'd dare say that in their church.

CS Lewis comments in Mere Christianity that a truly Christian society would be very conservative in matters of family and relations between individuals, but quite liberal in governmental and societal issues.

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