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August 23, 2007

Can an Actor Become President Again?

Obviously one can become governor, just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger!

So what do you think about Fred Thompson for president? Can this Law and Order actor pull off the presidential scene professionally as well as he does on TV?

Yes, it’s a little early to be discussing the presidential election, but since I’m curious, I would love to see what you think.

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Joe Dalfonzo

We most certainly hope so! Clearly the other side feels threatened (witness early and numerous attacks on his wife and media rants aimed at discrediting his campaign organization). I wouldn't say he's our only hope but IMHO if you look only at those one might consider "electable" he certainly gets my vote.


Like Arnold in California, actors draw our attention. They are certainly camera-savvy. It'll be interesting to see what real depth he has.


I'm definitely on Thompson's side, although I occassionally swing towards Huckabee.


Yes I beleive that an actor can become President and make a good one. Look at President Ronald Reagan. He was maybe one of the best presidents we have had, and he was a actor first. But of course I beleive that we have one and only great president now... he is our lord savior.


True Conservatives and those who deeply love our country and the Freedom It stands for Cry for a Leader- I for one am tired of the finger in the wind contestants we see now -- maybe Fred Thompson will prove to be different -- I watching and waiting


I was excited about Thompson when he first announced but I think he may have missed his moment. He has pushed back his announcement three times. Had he announce on July 4th, I think we'd see momentum but I think he may have missed his window.

The reason I was excited was because of all the comments about his conservatism and he has spoken well on several issues. But it has begun to bother me a bit that I know so little about his values when I have followed politics pretty closely for over two decades. Its not over, perhaps, but he has to be a lot more vocal. I heard it said that he "went negative" today on another candidate. That does seem to indicate that he is still planning to run. Can't comment on what he said about whom because I haven't checked it out yet.

Frankly, Huckabee is getting my attention at the moment. i have liked what I have heard, but I didn't think he had much of a chance. After Iowa, his window of opportunity is open.


I think that you are very mistaken in thinking of Thompson as an actor. He began his career in law and then was a senator for 8 years and has continued to be active in politics since his second term as Senator ended in 2003. Its true that he has done lots of movies and has been on TV, but that shouldn't be what defines him.

He is not another Arnold, using his celebrity fame to get into politics. He is a politician with the skill set of someone like Reagan to articulate his beliefs and win the American people over to what he believes, and his beliefs are rock solid conservative. Fred Thompson can do great things for this country.

One last thing, I think that he has been smart to stay out of the tangle of early political wrangling. He will declare officially in just a few weeks and when he does the American people will rally around him to defeat Hillary.

Dennis Babish

I agree with Cynthia.
After watching Huckabee on Meet the Press several mopnths ago I've been quite impressed with his views and values.
If the race was between him and Thompson I probably would vote for Huckabee.


Dennis and Cynthia, i agree with you about Huckabee. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the best man in the running. I absolutely love his response in this clip:

However I dont see him getting the press and the attention that he needs to top someone like Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney. I think Fred Thompson is the best man that actually has a chance to win, and for that reason I am hesitant to split the vote and go for Huckabee.

The ideal situation that I am hoping for: Huckabee/Thompson or Thompson/Huckabee running against Hillary/Obama

Dennis Babish

I tend to agree with you.
I also like the way you are thinking concerning a Huckabee and Thompson ticket no matter which one is the top dog.
In my mind that would be a win win situation.

Dennis Babish

I just reviewed the response you provided.
What a refreshing answer by someone that will not shrink form what he believes just to be elected president.
It is that type of repsonse which is why I like him.


One of the main things I am looking in a leader is decisiveness something the times we live in demand. Fred Thompson has shown himself to be very indecisive and in fact his inability about deciding when and if to enter the race has become a joke in the political world. Mike Hukabee is the way to go.


I think you should check Huckabee's record in Arkansas. REAL special interest stuff went on and was not good with finances. Just being a Christian only does not always make a good politician or leader. He also gave amnesty to a person that went out and murdered someone almost immediately in Mo. Then his wife ran for an office and was laughed out. She was not well liked at all.


I am waiting, waiting, waiting for Fred Thompson to get into the game. Is he in or not, I wonder. I hope so. In the meantime, Huckabee seems to be the best man there is but I wonder if him being a baptist minister will get those people sorry about voting for George Bush to not vote for him.

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