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August 09, 2007

Blog-a-Book: ’Two Cities’ under new management

Because of Catherine's upcoming trip and all its accompanying deadlines and pressures, Kristine and I are taking A Tale of Two Cities off her hands. Starting next week sometime, we'll be tag-teaming the book. As we've both read it already, expect more of a general discussion of themes, character, plot, and so forth than a close following of the twists and turns of the narrative. One thing I particularly hope to do is to see how certain themes tie in with some of the very same experiences undergone by some of the people Catherine and Zoe will be meeting (even though they're probably not going to be able to blog on the trip much). So in a sense, you could still call her our honorary book-blogger -- or divide us into the theoretical and the practical. :-)

Please join us in praying for a safe and productive journey for Catherine and Zoe and their friends.

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Thanks, for doing this. I've just finished reading this book and was hoping for a good discussion on it. Glad you plan to address some of those themes that Dickens develops in the book concerning suffering and government in connection with what Catherine and company may encouter as they hear from the people in Rwanda.

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