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August 27, 2007

An exception to the rule

Tonydungy Under Roberto's recent post about the increasingly thuggish culture of athletics, James Willis comments,

I totally agree Roberto, but if there is blame to be had it can only be on the fans. Anyone that supports these sports in any way gives tacit approval to the lifestyle of the players and the decisions of the managers. Occasionally there is a believer that really tries to stand for something in these sports, but they are unceremoniously cut off, ignored or even [chastised] if they persist in a bold witness. Is it time for all Christians to consider their involvement in these things?

That's a completely understandable feeling. Still, as Travis points out in a new article on the BreakPoint site, there are still a few good guys left in sports -- including one of the best-known figures in football.

What makes [Tony] Dungy an anomaly is that he recognizes his representation of Christ as an infinitely greater calling than managing a football team. Other players and coaches, even on the Colts, have shared a similar burden, though few have been granted the exposure of Coach Dungy in recent years. And few have offered so consistent an example of class and faith, withstanding the pressures of the job, the media, and circumstance. He remembers who is in control, even during the bad days—even during the really bad days. Therein lies the real core of Coach’s journey.

Read more -- and even if you're among the justly disillusioned sports fans around here, you just might find yourself refreshed.

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Robert Vaughn

The same can be said of Coach Jim Tressell, head football coach at Ohio State University. He personally shared his Christian faith (on the campus at a public university!) before a crowd of 13,000 people last year.

Phil Johnson

If you haven't had a chance to read it, I strongly encourage you to read Dungy's new memoir, Quiet Strength. It is a fantastic read.

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