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July 25, 2007

You Look Just Like . . .

Matt_groening A post at the Undercover Black Man reminded of an exceptionally silly website I visited a while ago. After free but tedious registration (if you're not careful, you could be filling out a loan application), My Heritage will let you upload a picture of yourself and, using facial recognition software, tell you which celebrities you most resemble.

Like I said, I did this a while back but I'd forgotten how hilarious the results can be. Here are the celebrities I "most resemble" (in reverse order):

And the closest thing to a twin that My Heritage can find for me:

I'm intrigued at the software's insistence that, whatever my parents may have told me, I'm really a German/Jewish male or an Italian-American female.

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It might be entertaining to download a picture of a celebrity to see if they actually look like themselves! Just a though.

Catherine Claire

I did this a while back too, Roberto, and you're right. It is absolutely hilarious. Even more fun than doing your own picture is downloading other people's you know and picking out the most obnoxious look alikes and sending them to them. Like your celeb pics!

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