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July 27, 2007

Weekly Must-Have Tune of the Week #7 & #8

Pavarotti I must say, it was a thrill having Roberto fill in for me last week and provide the Weekly Must-Have. It was like having Chuck Yeager fly your plane. Like having Luciano Pavarotti sing your opera. Like having Mario Andretti drive your car. Like having Barry Bonds pinch hit for you.

Wait ... not Barry Bonds. Maybe Mark McGuire.

No ... how about Jose Canseco? Hmmm, no. Well, you get the picture.

Actually, I'll be honest: If the scientists at BALCO ever develop a Riverabolic steroid, I'll be the first in line. No doubt about that.

Anyhow, this week's Weekly Must-Have Tune of the Week is, to make up for my previous absence, a double-shot of two fantastic tunes:

  1. "Fall Back Down" by Rancid. File it under Buddy Songs. (And ignore that completely bogus "Explicit" warning -- the lyrics are here; there's nothing objectionable in them.)
  2. "Home" by Sherwood. For the Big Sound Inspiration file. Frankly, this is a rather conventional song, one of those inspirational anthems packed with sound that a band produces for mass consumption, plays as the final song in their final set, and fans predictably wave their lit-up mobile phones. But, hey, I like it. Lyrics are here. Short interview with band member Dan Koch is here

Because The Real Job has been all-consuming lately, I've been slow to correct something: I'd previously identified the Weekly Must-Have Laughtastic Tune Contest winner as "David." I have no idea why I did that, because his name is actually Paul, and he runs a great blog, Cleancut Media, that you ought to check out. No word yet as to whether Paul has his entire church, Gracepoint Fellowship (yes, San Francisco does have churches, contrary to popular myth), listening to "White and Nerdy."

Anyhow, the spoils are *finally* (sorry ... aforementioned, all-consuming Real Job) en route. Enjoy!

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