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July 27, 2007

Too Weird for Words

What do the following have in common?

1) Michael Jackson
2) Filipinos
3) The Backstreet Boys
4) Prisoners

Yes, it's creepy, and you might not believe it, but the BBC sure does.

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Diane Singer

Well, the guy in drag was pretty creepy, but I actually thought the rest of it was funny. Beyond that, from the BBC report, it seems that this dancing rehab program may be working in terms of teaching them discipline and teamwork, and giving them a sense of accomplishment. Surely, this is a better use of their time in the yard than standing around doing nothing.

Theron Keller

Someone needs to explain to me why that video with the professionally mixed in soundtrack is allowed to stay on YouTube, but a 29 second video showing a toddler bouncing up and down to a Prince song barely heard in the noisy background was demanded to be taken down for a copyright violation! These Intellectual Property lawyers are a crazy lot.


"'Universal's takedown notice doesn't even pass the laugh test,' said EFF lawyer Corynne McSherry."

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