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July 31, 2007

The Russian Bear Awakes

The title "Sex for the Motherland: Russian Youths Encouraged to Procreate At Camp," certainly grabbed my attention, but the rest of the article by British journalist Edward Lucas made chills go down my spine. The article is fairly lengthy, but well worth the read if you want to know about the rise of fascism in the not-so-former Evil Empire. It frustrates me that the American news media can't find the time to report on Russia since it's so busy serving up the daily-drizzle about Lindsey, Britney, and Paris. Yet, given Russia's ties to Islamofascist regimes (Iraq under Saddam and Iran), she's too dangerous to ignore. 

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Is it actual ideological fascism, or is it old Soviet communism coming back? Especially with the rehabilitation of Stalin the Butcher.

In a way it is not a surprise, Putin is KGB to the core.

Diane Singer

It very well could be. When I was in Russia a number of years ago, I heard from several missionaries living there that they expected another revolution to restore Communism. The younger generation wasn't interested in going back, but the older generation was, primarily because they no longer had 'cradle to grave' support from a bankrupt government. Life under communism wasn't easy, but it was easier than what they were experiencing in a post-communist Russia. The missionaries felt that they had only a very small window, time-wise, to get the gospel out, and to train up indigenous pastors who could carry on the work of the Church once the Western missionaries were kicked out.

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