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July 26, 2007

Sins of the mothers

Chuck Colson talks in today's BreakPoint commentary about Wendy Shalit's excellent Girls Gone Mild: Young Women Reclaim Self-Respect and Find It's Not Bad to Be Good. As the title suggests, the book examines the way many members of the younger generations have found that the sexual libertinism preached by their elders leaves only emptiness in his wake, and are choosing something better for themselves. For instance:

“I knew that my arguments [in my first book] . . . might be challenged,” Shalit recalls now, “but nothing prepared me for the tongue-lashings I would receive from my elders. . . . [Feminist writer] Katha Pollitt called me a ‘twit.’ . . . The Nation solemnly foretold that I would ‘certainly be embarrassed’ and regret my stance ‘in a few years.’”

Well, it’s now been a few years, and Wendy regrets nothing. . . . Shalit is still convinced that true strength and happiness come not from deadening one’s emotions and having sex for fun, but from practicing modesty and self-restraint.

And guess who’s on her side?

As Shalit recounts, “To find out why modesty is more appealing to younger people, [feminist writer Katha] Pollitt might have talked to her own daughter, Sophie, who . . . was disgusted by contemporary sexual norms.”

Read more. And watch this space for more on Girls Gone Mild.

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