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July 27, 2007

Scott Thomas revealed

It turns out Scott Thomas, of New Republic "Baghad Diarist" fame, is Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp. He has revealed his identity, which turns out to be that of a soldier, husband of a TNR staffer, and a creative writer (link contains profanity).

It's interesting that this guy (this link also contains profanity), with wide experience of overwrought young creative writers, more or less called it days before Beauchamp came forward. That is, he got the MFA part wrong, as far as I know, but he seems to have a pretty good understanding of the mindset.

It's also interesting, as Mark Steyn points out, that Beauchamp calls his critics' disbelief a slur on his character. "How DARE you deny that I'm the kind of person who would make fun of a disabled woman to her face!" is rather a weird defense, to say the least.

Anyway, though Beauchamp has identified himself, he still has yet to explain how a Bradley Fighting Vehicle is capable of slicing an average-sized dog in half. Stay tuned . . .

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