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July 30, 2007

Run Away from the (Komen) Cure

Breastcancerribbon Right to Life of Montgomery County, Md., reports that Planned Parenthood has been sued for not reporting instances of child sexual abuse, including of an 11-year-old girl in California, a 12-year-old in Arizona, and a 16-year-old in Ohio. In Connecticut, according to their newsletter, On the Beat, "A 22-year-old-man was arrested for impregnating and having a 14-year-old aborted three times in six months. Newspaper reports say it was the girl's mother who alerted authorities, not the abortion facility."

Well, of course Planned Parenthood didn't report the assaults--it would have meant the loss of--what does an abortion go for these days?--hundreds of dollars in subsequent abortion fees. Remember these child rapes the next time someone tells you that all Planned Parenthood cares about is the well-being of women.

Remember them, as well, the next time someone asks you to donate to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the breast cancer awareness orgainzation. Why? Because Komen has, according to public records, given huge donations in at least 22 states to Planned Parenthood for breast care services. However, as On the Beat points out, "Breast exams by PP have decreased tremendously." So what is PP spending all that money on? Even if PP spends the Komen money on breast health care, the fact that the abortion giant is receiving this money frees up PP's other funds for such things as contraception for underage girls, abortions, grotesque sex education programs, and other monstrosities.

If that weren't bad enough, Komen endorses embryo-destructive research--which means the organization is willing, in theory, to see embryos killed in order to help breast cancer patients.

My own mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago (and survived) so this is an important issue for me. Rather than giving to Komen, or taking part in their runs, why not donate to one of the many worthy breast cancer organizations listed here? Just ignore the Komen Foundation, unless you'd like to fill out the little box inviting you to tell your breast cancer story. I did--explaining why I wasn't donating to them.

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I would first off like to state that I am in no way defending the actions of Planned Parenthood, abortion, or the actions between the two parties involved. I would like to offer an alternate perspective since this is a Christian blog and I would like to think that a sincere attempt at understanding is something to be valued.

What if a girl called up Planned Parenthood from a pay phone and said that she had gotten pregnant from her older boyfriend and that she wanted an abortion but first needed to know whether they would report her. If they would, she said, she would simply go get an illegal one where she wouldn't risk exposure.

What would the best decision--in this awful situation--be? To tell the girl they would have to report her and thus send her to an illegal, unregulated abortion, where she would likely be harmed in the process and potentially suffer fatal injuries. OR to allow her to come in, give her the procedure she would have anyway, and attempt to counsel her on safe-sex, abstinence, sexual responsibility, age of consent, and refer her to counseling?

This is an AWFUL situation and I would want my children to be able to confide even their biggest mistakes in me (I would also like to think I would instill values in my children that would avoid this situation in the first place), but if push came to shove, I want a doctor -- not a back alley pseudo-surgeon operating on my children.

Doug Kimball

On a bit of a tangent, Brian, I think that the chances that Planned Parenthood would counsel the pregnant girl on "abstinence" (as you write) would be approximately zero. It would not be in their best interests to do so (financially), and such advice/counsel is not politically correct in our culture.


Women and girls are still dying from legal abortions at legal clinics. They don't usually die there, but at home or at the hospital emergency room. These are done by legal doctors. But they are not usually reported. Abortion is still not safe.


Doug, You raise an important concern, but at the same time diminish the humanity of those involved. Individuals become counselors, nurses, and doctors (hopefully) not solely simply to make money but also to help others. In modern times, medicine comes at quite a price, but most health practitioners I've met have a strong and sincere desire to help others.

When a nurse has a young woman in his or her office, I would imagine that nurse will give any and all advice to help that young woman.

These are real people charged with taking care of real lives, not soulless machines.

On a different but similar note: I know my high school education (which explained contraception, morning-after pills, and abortion) also included information on abstinence. And I distinctly remember a large poster emblazoned with "Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder" hanging in the nurse's office (yet situated so that it was clearly visible from the hallway).

Gina Dalfonzo

When Planned Parenthood stops making money by ignoring, and even abetting, the sexual abuse of minors, then maybe I'll believe they're in it for the sake of humanity.

If that makes me a cynic, so be it. There are times, sadly, when cynicism is appropriate. And I've been in this business long enough to know that when the name "Planned Parenthood" is mentioned, it's usually one of those times.

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