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July 11, 2007

Another ’Tale’ of woe

Catherine: Be warned, I'll post this as many times as I have to . . .

But believe it or not, I sympathize. I really do. Your described reading method is more or less the same one I had to use to read Aristotle in my freshman philosophy course in college, except that, there being only one bathtub in a suite with four girls, I had to walk up and down the dorm room instead. I've been there, my friend.

Still, I'll stake my reputation as an English major on the guarantee that Madame Defarge and Jerry Cruncher and the enigmatic Sydney Carton are much more engaging than matter and form (yawn) and causality and metaphyzzzzzzzz . . .

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Dennis Babish

You two should start a book club. You could call it The Ring Around the Bathtub Book Club.
Poor English majors always having to read boring books.
While us Math majors always got to read books that has titles like "A Tale of Two Algorithms." by Euclid.


Dennis, you sound like my college roommates. Lo these many years later, they still insist that I never studied in college -- all I did was lie on the couch and read novels. Never mind that I spent many Sundays awake until 3am trying to finish a novel that I knew Dr. Nisly would quiz us on the next morning -- right, Gina?

Gina Dalfonzo

It was 'Crime and Punishment' for me, leading to the rule I've lived by ever since: Never, EVER try to cram Dostoevsky at 3 in the morning. Which novel was it for you, Kristine? :-)

Anyway, Dennis, had we been there, I'm sure all of us English majors would have warned you against the rash and reckless step of majoring in math!


My worst was the ridiculously long Tom Jones. It was due the first week of fall semester, with the idea that we could read it over the summer, but somehow I missed that memo! I think that was the closest I ever came to pulling an all-nighter. Ugh!

Dennis Babish

Yeah but I never had to read a book in the bathtub.
So we now have 3 English majors. (Hmmm is that one of the prerequisites to blog on The Point?).
So maybe you need to change the name of the book club to 3 Girls in a Tub Book Club.
Remember Math majors don't die we just divide by 0 and go into infinity. :D


I used to regret that I majored in journalism rather than English. After reading this exchange, I'm glad I went the route I did. I actually enjoyed reading Strunk & White's Elements of Style, and didn't even have to get in the tub to read it!

Dennis Babish

I have that book on my reading list.
Right after I read every other book ever written.
You do need to get out more often.
You not only read it but enjoyed it! Wow!
You should have been a math major you probably would love reading the Table of Integrals.

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