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June 28, 2007

Weekly Must-Have Tune of the Week #4 (& CONTEST)

Bagpipe What? There's no bagpipes in your punk rock?? That error, my friend, needs to be corrected. And I've got just the thing: "Will Ye No Come Back Again?" by The Real McKenzies*.

File it under Kilt Rock.

Missed the other weeks' Weekly Must-Have Tune of the Week from other weeks? Que lastima! Life's too short to miss out, so you'll want to hit these links:

CONTEST: Be sure to check back next week, as you'll have a chance to win an iTunes gift card. You might want to be thinking of songs that make you laugh. Just a hint.

* (Note: iTunes' iMix function oddly wouldn't work for this tune, so you'll need to select it from the list to which this link will take you. It's probably the third song. Sorry for any inconvenience.)

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