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June 26, 2007

The Joy of Beltane

June 26 is here and that means you can pick up a copy of Sinead O'Connor's new album Theology.

According to USA Today, the album marks the Irish singer's "foray into the mainstream Christian music market," which "O'Connor says, is not as out of character as it may seem." According to her, the album represents an acknowledgment that "music [is] a way of talking to God."

No argument here. But, as USA Today asks, "Will the Christian market buy it?" After all, there are what the paper calls her "public antics":

The Irish singer/songwriter has torn up a picture of Pope John Paul II on Saturday Night Live, refused to have The Star-Spangled Banner played before a concert, been excommunicated after her "ordination" as a Catholic priest and announced that she was a lesbian — before shortly recanting.

(Which did she recant: being a priest or being a lesbian? I really don't know and I'm too tired to look it up.) Then there's the -- shall we say? -- eclectic strains of Christianity, Rastafarianism and paganism that are "strongly mixed" in her music.

Still, there is one Christian demographic that USA Today thinks O'Connor has a shot with: "younger Christians, especially those involved in the emerging church movement."

That sound you hear is the head of a well-known Evangelical leader's head exploding.

(Via Mark Shea)

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