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June 29, 2007

The i Age, Part II

Iphonearray Since there's been a bit of misunderstanding about my post, I want to make a few more observations. One personalization is not in and of itself a bad thing. But today there is the tendency to so personalize all our selections that we are not exposed to alternate points of view. We find ourselves in an echo-chamber, listening to only the news we agree with, only the music of our personal tastes, etc. I think it is healthy to have the clutter of things I disagree with crossing my path whether in the newspaper or on the radio because it causes me to continually be challenged and refine my views. And sometimes I discover something I like that I didn't know I liked, or something that changes my mind.

Next, the study about inflating egos over time is not advocating that parents withhold praise or affection from their children. That's a gross misreading. If we take an honest look at our society, it is evident that we find often two extremes: households where people have forgotten that children are a blessing and households where children have become the center of the universe. I think both extremes reflect a warping of biblical principles.

On the topic of the i Age, here's an interesting video to continue the conversation. This is a fictitious video concerning the future of publishing. It was made a few years ago. In the video the year is 2015 and Google and Amazon have merged. I don't think the creators believe this is really what will happen, but it is a social commentary and one designed to make us think. I'd be curious to hear your reactions to it. I find it fascinating. Watch EPIC 2015, by clicking on the appropriate player for your browser here.

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George Griffin

Wow...that Epic video is really cool. Rather scary though. Has a kind of Matrix feel to it.

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