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June 26, 2007

RE: Gerson’s Compliments

In response to last week’s post about Michael Gerson’s claims that “Roman Catholic social thought” is behind the Administration’s disastrous education and prescription drug legislation, Pastor Brett Heubner from Kansas responds very thoughtfully:

I am not sure whether Mr. Gerson was justified in suggesting whether President Bush was using Catholic social thought to determine his policy program, but it does seem to be pretty clear that the Vatican does support a more progressive style of immigration program.

… So, though Bush may not have originally campaigned with Catholic social thought in mind, I imagine he has become keenly aware of it in his years as President, and though his immigration may be unfair to those who have waited to enter the USA legally [which, to me, is a far greater reason to oppose the bill than nativist concerns about job loss and general racism; the biggest victims are Mexicans who have respected our laws], at least the President is not using anti-humanitarian rhetoric when he speaks about even illegal aliens [as he has come close to doing when speaking about al Qaeda].

Being both pro-immigration and pro-border security, my frustration about the current immigration bill’s insufficiencies is not unlike what I’d guess Pastor Heubner’s to be. Regardless, I do agree with him that Bush’s position on immigration does seem to be based upon moral conviction rather than political expediency (which No Child and  Drugs For Votes surely were). And there’s something to be said for that.

Anyhow, Pastor Heubner’s comment has much more and ought to be read in full.

Now, of course, there’s an interesting common denominator among Gerson’s supposed three examples of Roman Catholic social thought: Ted Kennedy. Perhaps the Administration is using Teddy “Seriously, I’m Catholic” Kennedy’s feelings as the criteria, so that if he likes a given policy, it must be consistent with “Roman Catholic social thought.”

First, No Child Left Federally Unmanaged. Then the prescription drug sham. Perhaps, next, Chappaquiddick will be deemed “consistent with Roman Catholic social thought.”

Great news for Teddy K, I guess.

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