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June 29, 2007

I’m Going Live at the PFI Convocation

Where do Protestants, Catholics, and members of the Eastern Orthodox Church come together for the Eucharist?

The only place I know is Prison Fellowship International's triannual convocation, an international conference of several hundred delegates from Prison Fellowship affiliates around the world. This year it's in Toronto. And, next week, I'll be there, blogging live. So, look for my daily posts, and if you have any burning questions, like 1) How does prisoner art from Japan different from prisoner art from the US? or 2) What do prisons without guards look like? or 3) Does Philip Yancey have a firm handshake?--don't hesitate to ask.

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Hey, I was surprised to see your header. My son goes to the prison once a week to share with the inmates.

Mark D. Wilkerson

I am so sorry to miss this convocation! I attended the last one in Toronto with my children, and it was a remarkable experience.

Seeing God's church in all of its international expressions is a powerful reminder of time dividing impact of Jesus Christ.

Michael Redmond

Zoe, please, let's get it right. Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox will indeed be coming together in the Lord's name at the PFI convocation to share their experiences and strengthen one another in ministry to prisoners. They will ~not~, however, be coming together for Eucharist. Catholics, Orthodox and some Protestants restrict Eucharist to their own members and explicitly forbid any crossing of the lines.

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