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June 29, 2007

How is this hurting you?

The Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty reports that Beit Menachem, an independent Jewish school in Gothenburg, Sweden, has had its license stripped by the government after Swedish authorites discovered something truly shocking going on there: Children were being segregated by sex during lessons.

The school's adminstrator says the children were separated for religious reasons.But the Swedish National Agency for Education says the Swedish curriculum demands that girls and boys learn together; the Beit Menachem school, it declared, broke the law by teaching boys and girls seperately.

Well, this is shocking. What other horrors are being inflicted upon Swedish children by Jewish and Christian teachers that have yet to be uncovered? Are children being encouraged to pray? Are they being taught to sing Christmas carols? Most scandalously of all, is some teacher telling innocent children that sex should be reserved for marriage? Who do these Christians and Jews think they are?

One longs to ask this gang of Scandinavian busybodies exactly how the school's religious requirement that boys and girls be separated is hurting them--or the children, or anybody else. And don't they have anything to do other than attack people of faith for being--well, faithful?

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