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June 28, 2007

An Honorable Man

Chuck's BreakPoint commentary today deals with the raw deal given to General Peter Pace, who was not re-nominated to serve a second term as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, as is usual, because his supporters knew he'd be put through a televised Senate show trial over his telling a reporter that he believed both  adultery and homosexual sodomy were immoral. As far as I know, no adulterers complained, but homosexual groups, along with homosexual editors at the nation's newspapers (and their supporters), pretended such views--shared by most Americans--were the sickest, most twisted thing they'd ever heard, not counting what they might hear on a typical night in a gay bar.

I thought it was not possible to feel more contempt than I already did for those who decided to demonize this honorable man for political gain. I was wrong. Sitting in the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, yesterday, waiting for my son to complete an appointment, I paged through a copy of The Journal, a hospital newspaper. On page three of yesterday's edition was the headline "Pace Picnic Honors America's Wounded Heroes." Beneath the headline was a photograph of General Pace in the front yard of his home at Ft. Myers, Virginia, shaking hands with wounded service members from the Navy Hospital and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The general and his wife had invited these wounded warriors and their families for a picnic last Saturday. An excerpt from the story:

Kids played Frisbee or kicked around hacky sacks. Clowns made balloon animals. There was fried chicken, ribs, potato salad, and desserts. Adults sat around tables, ate, talked and listened as a combo from the Marine Corps Band played country songs. . . .

Army Spc. Caleb Huss, an infantryman from New Brighton, Minn., watched the festivities from his wheelchair and held his two-month-old son, Logan. Huss was serving in Kunar province in Afghanistan when an automobile accident ended his tour two weeks before he was due to come home.

"I want to stay on active duty, but I don't know if I can yet," Huss said.

Despite the abrupt ending of a distinguished career in the glare of ugly publicity, General Pace is going about his usual business: Taking care of his men.

God bless him.

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Sy Hoekstra

I'm not sure I liked that breakpoint just because I think Chuck wouldn't be so quick to decry conservatives ending the career of someone who believes in evolution, or some other issue that , like homosexuality or adultry, has nothing to do with a person's leadership capabilities. Also I think the idea that all gay bars would have people who just say offensive or shocking things is stereotypical and not particularly helpful.


I would like you to know, that while you lament the supposed demonization of General Pace ... you have made me feel demonized.

"As far as I know, no adulterers complained, but homosexual groups, along with homosexual editors at the nation's newspapers (and their supporters), pretended such views--shared by most Americans--were the sickest, most twisted thing they'd ever heard, not counting what they might hear on a typical night in a gay bar."

Here I am, look at me. I offer myself, I have nothing else.

Gina Dalfonzo

Brian, with all due respect, that isn't an argument. As you must realize by now, no one here has ever set out to demonize or hurt you personally, and yet that's almost always the way that you respond to any post on homosexuality. If you think Chuck and Anne are wrong, okay, but don't think they said what they did because they hate you or hold you in contempt, because they don't. Just state your reasons for what you believe and you'll have a much better argument.

Dennis Babish

Well put.
As for Sy's comments I would have to disagree with him.
If a General with the same capabilities as Pace was not re-nominated because of him saying evolution was true Chuck would have written the same commentary.
Congress continues to show why their approval rating is lower than President Bush's.
It is time for them to deal with issues and quit acting like a bunch of power hungry do nothings.
This country is worse off because Pace is not still the Chairman.


I'm concerned that anti-gay Christians are looking for a scapegoat and a shouting box.

General Pace was not renominated for fear of a protracted confirmation hearing which would exam the failings of the US occupation of Iraq ... Pace's comments, while registering, are certainly low on the list of concerns of senators and Americans, who are disappointed in the way the administration and the military has been conducting themselves.

General Pace might have been an honorable man, but there is frustration with the job the US military is doing and as one of its top commanders, he is taking the heat for it.


And additionally, the assertion that:

"such views--shared by most Americans--"

is simply false.

Anywhere from 69% - 79% of Americans support allowing gay men and lesbians to serve openly in the military. And a similar percentage (73%) of military personnel feel the same way.

As recent as May 2003, 53% of Americans found homosexuality to be acceptable.

I expected more from a Christian.


Gina, With all due respect it is not the intention that matters but the result. Romans 13:10 tell us that "love does no harm to its neighbor." Anne may not have set out to demonize or hurt me, but I am here to say that is harm is caused. That is not love. How can we learn from this and move forward together?

This is not an argument, this is my humanity and it is not up for debate.

I will not be lumped into a category of adulterers.

I will not allow it to be ignored that the Anne has (inaccurately) declared that only "homosexual activists" have a problem with this. I will not allow it to be ignored that Anne has (inaccurately) declared that only "homosexual editors" have taken note of this story.

I will not let Anne generalize, demonize, malign, scapegoat, and ostracize 8 million Americans.

In the face of such atrocities, I offer no argument.

"Love does no harm to its neighbor."

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