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May 21, 2007

You can’t win

Excerpt from an article Roberto sent around this morning, by a man who with his wife adopted an autistic child:

A colleague at work confronted me in the mailroom with this memorable gem: "Have you tried in-vitro?" She feared that we hadn't availed ourselves of the many wondrous technologies that rescue infertile couples. "Wouldn't that be better than adopting a child with a disability?" she asked, drawing out the word "disability." "God knows what that kid's parents were doing when they conceived him."

Excerpt from a commenter at Liza Mundy's online Q&A about her article on selective reduction:

Our society is trying to give everyone everything they want -- if you can't get pregnant without modern science, perhaps you shouldn't be getting pregnant -- perhaps you should adopt the millions of kids out there without parents who you could help.

You gotta wonder sometimes if people are really concerned about the fate of children at risk and adults who long for children, or if they just love butting in.

(That said, the rest of that one commenter's quote is quite profound: "Perhaps this whole IVF thing is something we shouldn't be doing . . . I was crying as I read the piece -- and I am the staunchest supporter of choice there is." Perhaps some readers learned something from that devastating article. I hope so.)

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