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May 14, 2007

What I’m reading

Memory So on Friday, I picked up Miroslav Volf's new book, The End of Memory: Remembering Rightly in a Violent World. I'm fascinated and intrigued by Volf's work. I read Exclusion and Embrace some time ago and have thought of it often since then. A Christian and professor at Yale, Volf is deeply thoughtful, philosophical, and honest. This book focuses on how we should remember and what we should remember, especially in this age of violence. Volf interweaves his own personal story of how to remember rightly his former interrogator Captain G., who interrogated him over a protracted period during the time of the Yugoslavian communist regime. Faith and Theology has a good review of the book. I'll give you my thoughts once I've finished it.

So far, I've been intrigued to read: "Remembering truth fully and rightly ... is an act of justice; and in order to expose crimes and fight political oppression many writers, artists, and thinkers have become soldiers of memory" (18). I had never really thought about memory as an act of justice or injustice before. But of course, this is true, and to some extent obvious, with all kinds of implications for how we remember our past both on personal or on a broader level. I'm eager to dig deeper into his theological exploration of memory, especially as it relates to violence and forgiveness.

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