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May 16, 2007

The natives are restless

Don't miss Mike Gerson's first column in the Washington Post, "Missionaries in Northern Virginia," an analysis of the dispute between the American Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion. 

Gerson makes clear this dispute is about far more than disagreements over same-sex "marriage." It's about the fact that whereas "in 1900, about 80 percent of Christians lived in North America and Europe, now more than 60 percent live on other continents," and these Christians "tend to take their Bible both literally and seriously."

Liberal American Christians are finding this a bit hard to take. For decades, Gerson writes, the religious left "has preached multiculturalism, but now, on further acquaintance, it doesn't seem to like other cultures very much. Episcopal leaders complain of the threat of 'foreign prelates,' echoing anti-Catholic rhetoric of the 19th century. An activist at one Episcopal meeting urged the African bishops to 'go back to the jungle where you came from.' Not since Victorians hunted tigers on elephants has the condescension been this raw."

Read the whole piece here.

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