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May 17, 2007

A weekly witness

Olivia Thank you, Gina, for linking to my NRO piece telling the stories of rape victims who became pregnant as the result of the attack.

One of the points I wanted to mention, but did not have room for, is the fact that the character of cop Olivia Benson on television's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, who spends her day helping rape victims and tracking down their attackers, is herself the product of a rape. It's a weekly witness that God can bring good even out of horrific evil. More fanatical L&O: SVU fans than I probably know why the producers added this element.

I wonder how many (if any) rape victims decided to carry their babies to term because of this interesting character. Olivia is an illustration of what many assault victims say about their children: That the baby is their baby, not a "monster's" baby, and that it would be wrong to give the death penalty to an innocent child for the crime of its father.

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Charles Romer

I sent this (the NRO piece) to all family and friends.

A truly devastating piece that demonstrates that life decisions are too precious to leave to politicians.

The experiences related sure back up the teachings of the Catholic Church especially its (automatic) excommunication of abortion supporting politicians.

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