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May 17, 2007

RE: Rethinking the Great Commission


Thanks for sending us to this link since I would have missed it otherwise. I think Joe has hit on something we all need to stay alert to -- formulaic faith.  I've certainly heard all these "tools" presented in various churches over the years, though (given my naturally contrary nature), I've resisted them. I never tried to articulate why, other than the techniques struck me as forced. I'd much rather wait on the Holy Spirit to open up opportunities for me to speak to unbelievers since He's never failed to give me just the right words for the individual I'm speaking to. My only task is to pray for open doors and stay alert to the people He brings across my path (and He does this in some pretty amazing ways).

This reminds me of a story I once heard from a pastor about the door-to-door witnessing he was forced to do in Bible college. Gene thought one man had accepted Christ, but when Gene went back on a follow-up visit, the guy said, "I just told you that so I could go back to bed! Now, leave me alone!" Needless to say, this was one pastor who did not favor the "hound them at home" method of evangelism!! 

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I read Martha's post but something in your stuck out to me as well.

"He's never failed to give me just the right words for the individual I'm speaking to."

This popped out at me (as I'm sure it did to others). I've on many occasions found myself deep into a discussion about Christ and thought to myself "How did I get here and what am I even saying?" At some point the Holy Spirit just starts talking.

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