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May 29, 2007

Re: Dancing Fool


Let me clarify a bit:

First, I was JOKING. (Well, not about Billy Ray Cyrus's mullet; that right there is no joke.)

Second, even *I* have taken ballroom dancing. A beginner and intermediate course, thank you very much! And you know what? It was great; my wife and I took the classes when we first got married and had a lot of fun. Of course, that was 11 years ago, and now I possess no skills whatsoever. The only thing more humiliating than last week's post admitting to the nevermore-to-be-mentioned entertainment sin might just be the spectacle of me dancing the foxtrot or waltz, over a decade removed from our lessons. (We're going to a wedding in two weeks, and I fear hearing the DJ shout "Clear some room for the Lord-a-Leaping Footwork Freakshow or risk your very lives!!")

Third, if guys aren't inspired by the nevermore-to-be-mentioned American Idol-esque dancing show, perhaps it's because the show -- at least the finale that I saw -- effectively communicated that ballroom dancing requires men to wear painted-on pants and sequined shirts unbuttoned to their navels. The Donny Osmond look??  No thanks!

Now, if the nevermore-to-be-mentioned entertainment embarrassment presented men in classic Fred Astaire garb and gallantry, a classic image back to which the photo in your post harkens, then perhaps I could see it driving male interest in ballroom dancing.

Lastly, I think I've got the solution: Dockers needs to pick up the ballroom theme for its next series of TV commercials. Remember what they did for swing dancing (not to mention Big Bad Voodoo Daddy) a number of years ago? As the guys in the ads will be wearing khakis and not something out of Saturday Night Fever, we might see the beginning of a new (and positive, to your point) fad.

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Jason Bruce

I also learned the salsa. I took up dancing lessons as a surprise to my wife when she was overseas. When she got home she's surprised and impressed with my new moves on the dance floor. Of course I got a lot of man points for doing that and my wife thought its one of the most romantic and masculine thing a husband can do for his wife. Now Im hooked on it minus the sequined chest-baring half-buttoned man-shirts of course.


Uh, Jason, then how precisely do you explain the clingy chartreuse silk blouse ... er, shirt ... you wore today with 'El Toro' emblazoned across the back?

Dan Gill

Have you ever considered that maybe men just don't like ballroom dancing? Men and women have different tastes? Shock! Horror!

Kim Moreland


My point wasn’t to drain the fun out of your post, but to let everyone know dancing has been around for a long time, its fun and good for manners.

I'm glad to read that you and your wife have taken the initiative to learn ballroom dance. From experience of learning and forgetting, just get out there again have fun. In the future, before you your wife have to dance your first father/daughter mother/son dance, take a refresher course.

Mr. Gill suggested that men and women have different taste—I’m certainly not challenging that. Heck, we’d have not formal ballroom dance unless guys were willing and able to lead the gals around the floor. So Mr. Gill, I can’t let you off the dancing hook because ballroom dancing IS a male and female event.

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