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May 18, 2007

Ordinary culture-changers

Battlecry Last weekend, I was a guest of Teen Mania at their last Battle Cry event for the year, held at the Nissan Pavilion in Virginia. I was a little afraid that I might have ruined the coolness factor for P.O.D. ("The old chick likes them?!?"), but it was energizing to watch thousands of teens jumping up and down to the music and then later confessing the name of Christ and kneeling all over the stadium to commit to following Him wholeheartedly.

On the second day of the event, two individuals were given awards for making a positive difference in the culture. One was a Mexican actor and pop singer who became a follower of Christ after coming to the U.S. to further his career and picking for his English tutor a woman who was bold in her witness of the Savior. A reporter for the Christian Post wrote (via Thunderstruck) about the awards:

Eduardo Verstegui, a former Mexican soap opera star and boy band member, gave up his career doing secular work when he came to know Christ several years ago because he realized what he was doing was “offending God.” So for two years he turned down every project he was offered because it went against what the Bible teaches.

Yet his new low-budget, pro-life film, Bella, has been a surprise hit winning first place at the Toronto International Film Festival and set to receive an award from the Smithsonian Museum in September.

...The other award recipient was J. Frank Harrison III, the C.E.O. of Coca Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, who among many generous donations to charity has also taken the risk of placing a chaplain in every Coca Cola plant.

These are just two examples of people who took a stand against the tide of the culture. They were held up to the teens at the Battle Cry event as an inspiration. But they can be an inspiration to us all.

Harrison is just an ordinary (albeit, extraordinarily successful) businessman. He tested the chaplaincy program in one bottling plant and was told that the employees loved it and would be upset if he removed their new chaplain. Verstegui is using the arts to share his faith and Christian values.

I want to hear from you. Use the comments section to tell us about someone you know who is serving God in a dynamic way right where they are, in the sphere of influence that God has given them. And think about how God can use you!

(Photo courtesy of The Christian Post)

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I find as a leader that it is very hard to make a difference within ministry due to the attitude of some people within teams. Hey, everyone wants to live like a rockstar. [or the pretense of it].

Therefore it directly opposes the work of the individual even to a point of undermining that work.

Gods word never returns void - and in this process I am learning a lot about what it means to 'do church' and 'be the Church'.

Where as I appear to my performance once a week on Sunday or at intervals during the week in my 'church' then disregard my workplace ad the team there because of the attitude of 'I am doing them a favour by working there'...

Its the 'I' that is the key - teamwork - or Church in practise is not really something anybody really wants cause it does not involve individual Credit - stardom.

Where is God in this attitude? Weeping.

P.O.D get beaten up by the 'Church' and then when they mention Christ in a song are cheered on...does this pretense really represent the Church that God ordains.?

P.O.D rock and they work as a Church - again - definition - team..to forward the cause of Christ without the junk.

Are they perfect - by no means - 'none are righteous, not one' apart from the Grace of Jesus Christ.

Discipleship is the answer and this will only come when the dollar is not passed around every sunday or attendance numbers posted like game scores on the Monday after.

Grace be unto you and Peace be with you.

Grateful Soldier.

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