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May 17, 2007

Opportunity lost

Point blogger Anne Morse writes in today's National Review Online:

“Tell me,” Wendell Goler asked Senator Sam Brownback during Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate, “Since you’ve opposed abortion in every instance except to save the life of the mother, how would you explain to a rape victim . . . why her trauma should be compounded by carrying the child to term?”

Read about what Brownback said, and what he should have said, here.

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Dennis Babish

I might have also asked Wendell Goler that if his father committed a horrible crime should he, Wendell, be put to death because of it.
It is no wonder that those who choose to abort the "rape child" have the problems they have.
Is killing an innocent unborn child any less horrendous than rape?
I admire those that choose to not abort in this case. They are putting the child interests above their own interests.

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