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May 29, 2007

Now that the horse has been stolen . . .

From IMDb:

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has launched a crusade to cover up young America with her new cheap-chic clothing line Bitten. The former Sex & the City star's new Steve & Barry line of affordable womenswear features only conservative attire - because the actress is tired of seeing young girls baring almost all. The 2004 Designers of America Fashion Icon award winner says, "There's not going to be any inappropriate midriff showing, regardless of your age. I really don't care for it. I feel like, as a culture, we have seen enough damage done by it. It's provocative in a way that I just don't feel comfortable with."

Gee, Ms. Parker, I wonder how that could have happened.

(Note: Don't look if the "provocative" bothers you.)

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Grant A

So a girl's stomach is "inappropriate" but a TV show/movie about women who have sex and then talk about sex with each other is perfectly fine and wholesome? Yeah that makes a tonne of a sense...

Jason Taylor

Maybe it is an aesthetic rather then moral comment?

Or maybe the speaker just remembered she might have kids sometime. That thought makes quite a few people less "liberated".

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