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May 22, 2007

An Immigrant’s Perspective

The proposed immigration bill is being debated in the Senate this week. Highlights of the bill include a temporary guest worker program for foreign nationals and a new visa classification, "Z visa," to be offered to some 12 million illegal aliens that would help them toward permanent residency.

I personally have a strong conviction on this issue. As immigrants, my family chose to play by the rules when we moved to the United States. Playing by the rules meant, for my family, spending thousands of hard-earned dollars to pay for legal fees and years of separation from my family, especially my newly wed wife, in 2001 just to stay and work legally in the US. There are many individuals and families who endure similar or even much greater sacrifices, all from respect and not wanting to break the law of this country.

I haven’t read the full proposed immigration bill and I only base my comments on the news reports I hear and read. Proponents of the bill deny that the new legislation is amnesty, but there’s an old saying, “The more one says something is not, the more likely it is.” I’m still waiting for someone to give immigrants like me who followed the rule of law and assimilated in American life a good explanation why it’s not an amnesty.

My hope and prayer is that the Bible still remains the ultimate authority in our immigration policies. It's the best immigration guidebook because it's filled with stories of immigration and characters alien in foreign lands. May this country continue to care for the poor, widows, orphans and strangers and at the same time preserve order and provide justice to everyone by enforcing the rule of law. Isn’t that what established the United States  as a great country in the first place?

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Amnesty would consist of shipping the illegal invaders home, but allowing them to apply for entrance legally.

No amnesty would deny them that, since by violating our borders, they have committed felony (if not warfare in the case of the Mexicans and the Mexican government, who's policies appear to be a mix of piracy and invasion)

What is being proposed is slightly better than unconditional surrender - so long as the illegals can force down wages. IF they are merely family members, they are denied, breaking up families. This is not a good thing.

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