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May 18, 2007

God returns to the big screen

Evan Speaking of Noah, fans of Steve Carell from The Office are in for a treat this summer, as he is starring in Evan Almighty, a movie that features Steve as a modern-day Noah, complete with ark and lots and lots of animals.

According to director Tom Shaydac, a professing Catholic, "Christians think that to write a religious or spiritual movie, it has to have a priest, minister, nun or a church in it. But Jesus told stories that had seemingly nothing on the surface to do with religion, yet they were spiritual stories. He told stories about a farmer, a man who had two sons and the parable of the 10 virgins. We tell stories..." Shaydac just happens to tell really funny ones.

According to the official movie web site, Shaydac decided to honor the film's theme--stewardship of creation--by living out the message. He bought bicycles for every one of the cast and crew to encourage them to pedal their way around the set and nearby areas rather than drive everywhere. But most significantly (I thought) he donated all of the landscaping and building materials from the set and the full-sized ark to Habitat for Humanity.

The web site also talks about the role of the animals in the film and the challenges of having more than a hundred species together in one place. Listening to the guy in charge of that part of the film talk about "this animal eats that animal, which eats that animal" is a good reminder of what a miracle the actual ark and flood event was.

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Grateful soldier

Nice, sounds like Good movie.

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