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May 29, 2007

Creating Culture -- Christianly

One of my favorite speakers at the Q Conference was Andy Crouch, editorial director for The Christian Vision Project at Christianity Today. Andy kicked off the conference with some of the big ideas from this article on his blog, describing the postures Christians have taken towards culture in the past, and his proposal for the biblical posture that can bring about cultural transformation today.

Three movements and postures that American Christians adoped towards culture in previous generations were those of the fundamentalists, who tended to withdraw from and condemn popular culture; the "New Evanglicals" who critiqued culture (think Francis Schaeffer); and the 60s "Jesus Music Movement" who copied popular culture (like my man Larry Norman -- the grandfather of Christian Rock 'N' Roll). Now we have consumerist Christians, who voraciously ingest or consume culture in almost all its forms.

Andy says that to understand a biblical posture towards culture, we need to study Genesis 2, where God exhorts us to create and cultivate. As His image-bearers, we are to continue His work of creating and cultivating/caring for the earth and all that it contains for His glory.

He emphasizes that within a proper biblical posture, it will be appropriate in some cultural contexts to condemn, critique, copy or consume, but these attitudes or actions should be gestures, not postures. "Like a dancer, if your posture is correct, you have access to all gestures."

Now I'll ask you the "Qs" Andy asked us:

Are we known as Christians who take good care of what is already good in culture?

What are you culturally cultivating or creating and who are your co-creators?

Where are you called to create?

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Check out www.johnfarkas.com

He has some great input on Creating Culture. In fact it is the title of his blog.

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