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May 11, 2007

Court Orders Sperm Donor to Lesbian Couple to Pay Child Support

Can somebody help me get this straight (pun intended): the gay community wants to be treated just like everyone else, right? They say that you can raise a child with two moms or two dads. They say that this is family too.

So why exactly are they suing a sperm donor for child-support?

Am I missing something?

Stanley Kurtz, over at the Family Scholars blog, has an excellent post on this. Apparently, those prophets who have been preaching that same-sex marriage is a slippery slope to all kinds of odd re-definitions of marriage and family are not so far off.

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Angela Pedersen, R.N.

Why or how could this happen? States and family court systems PROFIT when someone is thrown into the child support agencies. They profit when a non-custodial parent is made.

Under Title IV-D federal incentives states and family court systems make a ton of money!

Check the following out:





Absolutely amazing.

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