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May 18, 2007

Call Me ’Your Lordship’

I've finally gotten around to reading Simon Schama's magisterial account of the French Revolution, Citizens. While I'm enjoying the book a lot, I'm also feeling a sense of lack. There are all these nobles running around Schama's account: the Duc of this and the Marquis of that. As Schama points out, most of them came from families that had only been ennobled in the previous century or so. (Apparently, upward mobility, at least the social kind, was a feature of l'Ancien Regime.)

That only makes my lack of a title all the more depressing. Not anymore. Thanks to Your Peculiar Aristocratic Title, I can be addressed as something other than "hey you!" I'm "The Very Reverend Roberto the Simple of Chignall Smeally."

"Smeally" sounds a lot like Smeagol but it beats "hey you!"

Via Sacramentum Vitae

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