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May 15, 2007

Baby Hatch

Baby_hatch This morning on the way to work I dropped off some books at the library. There is a little hatch on the outside of the library, sort of like at Blockbuster, where you can drop off the books you've finished without having to go in. Having that image fresh in mind, this morning I'm scanning news headlines and see this one: "Toddler in Japanese Baby-hatch."

This newly opened Catholic-run hospital has created a way for people to drop off babies who might otherwise be aborted. (Germany is trying something similar, as mentioned here and here.) Both options--abortion and placing your unwanted baby in a hospital hatch--are deeply disturbing. While the second at least saves the life of the child, it still makes me grieve to think that parents would by choice or by circumstance do or have to do this. I wish to God that we didn't live in such a world where a toddler would be deposited in a baby-hatch because he is unwanted or where a mother would choose to have a doctor dismember the little life growing inside her.

The State Department has outlined the requirements for intercountry adoption between the US and Japan. It looks difficult, but perhaps God will open some people's hearts to adopt some of these infants who are being dropped off like stray cats or library books. Pray for these little ones. This hurts my heart to even contemplate.

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Thanks for covering this story. It has been brewing in Japanese news for a while now and I'm glad that we're discussing it.

Given the Japanese culture, I think that this is a viable option for preventing abortion. It is actually, in my opinion, a step forward.

Very few people adopt from Japan it seems. This is because of the inconvenience and the costs. Both parents must reside in Japan for 6 months, with the adoptive child, under court supervision. Japanese housing is high, with key money required and food costs are higher than the U.S.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has adopted a Japanese orphan. My heart breaks for the orphans in our world.


I might add that adoption can't be done on a visitor's visa but at least one parent must have a long-term visa. So, unless you want to be a missionary or businessperson in Japan, it is almost out of the question to adopt.

Also, at this point, Korea and China are trying to tighten up their international adoption. Korea is entering into a 6 month hold time on international adoptions and China just introduced tighter regulations.

I'm not sure what the answer is, except to ask God to lead us to the children tha He has picked out for our families. He ALWAYS makes a way and brings the kids He chooses to us. Adoption isn't an accident. It is as planned by God as birthing biological children is. Each child is picked out specifically for each adoptive family. But, I digress way off topic!

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