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May 22, 2007

A Countercultural Suggestion for College Grads

PrimerIt's that time of year when young people across the country are graduating from college and thinking about what to do next. Resume preening and jockeying for prestigious internships or grad school programs are the order of the day for most students. I want to offer a couple of countercultural suggestions.

In centuries past, children were grounded in a biblical education from the time they were mouthing "mama" and "papa." The Bible was not only the book of life, but also a primary book of education as kids cut their teeth on it in grammar school and beyond. Today, many students, especially those who have received a public school education, have only a cursory knowledge of the Bible or experience in thinking about all of life from a biblical perspective.

We desperately need young men and women to enter diverse callings with a spiritual calling on their lives. I want to suggest if you are a college student, parent of a college student, or friend or mentor to one, consider taking or encouraging your student to take a year off before entering the work place to get grounded in a biblical worldview.

Personally, I took two years to get a master's in biblical studies at a seminary in my home state. I wouldn't trade the understanding of the Word of God and the various ramifications that grounding has had on my life for anything. This past weekend I bumped into an old friend who is currently working with the Trinity Forum Academy. Similarly, they are providing a one year post-graduate program with the same objectives. While the time and money for programs like these are not inconsequential, I believe that the eternal dividends far outweigh the costs.

Religious education used to be part of the landscape of children's lives. Today, in its absence, it makes sense that if we hope to live our own lives with integrity and impact the world around us, it could only help to take a little time and immerse ourselves in such study. Or if that option is not available, perhaps consider a distance education program or something like BreakPoint's Centurions Program. It's worth considering.

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It's almost like you're reading my mind... As a recent graduate, I need to save up some money first before I can afford another round of schooling, but I am definitely planning on going back to study the Bible in a graduate program soon. Whether or not I'm called to the ministry, I know that it will be a valuable asset for wherever God takes me in life!

I appreciate the advice!

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