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May 24, 2007

A Convert’s Testimony

In another hat tip to the most recent To the Source, here is a lovely quote from British novelist Evelyn Waugh upon his conversion to Christianity:

Conversion is like stepping across the chimney piece out of a Looking-Glass world, where everything is an absurd caricature, into the real world God made; and then begins the delicious process of exploring it limitlessly.

In response to the uproar over his conversion among the atheistic elites of his day, Waugh wrote a newspaper article in which he "insisted that the essential issue that had led to his conversion was a belief that the modern world was facing a choice between 'Christianity and Chaos.'" His thoughts on this matter put into sharp relief the recent re-affirmation that the European Union will omit any reference to God and to Christianity in its charter:

Today we can see it on all sides as the active negation of all that Western culture has stood for. Civilization -- and by this I do not mean talking cinemas and tinned food, nor even surgery and hygienic houses, but the whole moral and artistic organization of Europe -- has not in itself the power of survival. It came into being through Christianity, and without it has no significance or power to command allegiance. The loss of faith in Christianity and the consequential lack of confidence in moral and social standards have become embodied in the ideal of a materialistic, mechanized state... It is no longer possible ... to accept the benefits of civilization and at the same time deny the supernatural basis upon which it rests.

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