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April 24, 2007

Thought for the Day

In his book God in the Dark, Os Guinness discusses a number of reasons why Christians have doubts about their faith -- often fatal doubts when they don't know how to find the answers they need. One reason Christians are susceptible to the kind of doubts that destroy their faith is because they do not understand the rational basis for faith. (Doubt, in itself, is not bad, Guinness argues, but doubts can be dangerous to our overall spiritual health if not addressed properly. I encourage others to read the book to see his in-depth treatment of the topic: it's illuminating!)

Guinness encourages us to be passionate about Truth, and committed to understanding the reasons why we believe. He offers this wonderful quote from St. Augustine as a guide: "God has given me a mind to place the Discovery of Truth above all things, to wish for nothing else, to think of nothing else, to love nothing else." 

May we be Christians who love Truth, especially the One who is the Truth! 

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