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April 24, 2007

Science and Religion in Tension

Anyone who hasn’t noticed the increased tension between science and religion over the last few decades, needs to get out a little more.

Today, naturalistic science and Non-overlapping Magisteria (NOMA) are reigning paradigms in the scientific establishment. According to NOMA, science and religion address two unconnected spheres of the human experience: one, physical—the domain of sense perception open to experimentation and verification; the other, metaphysical—related to questions of being, meaning, and values which are not open to empirical proofs. Since each governs separate spheres and relies on different authorities and methods, they have nothing to say to each other.

But for the pioneers of science, the study of nature was inextricably linked to nature’s God—specifically, the God of Christianity. To learn more, check out my recent BreakPoint article here.

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